Chloroquine Phosphate Powder

Chloroquine Phosphate Powder can be used as both a treatment option and a preventative. It is a bacteriacide, algaecide and antiparasitic medication. An excellent general cure as well as a focused treatment against ICH, excess slim coat and flukes. Chloroquine Phosphate has been gradually replacing copper sulfate and quinine as the drug of choice due… Continue reading Chloroquine Phosphate Powder

Astaxanthin Powder

Paracoccus species are a tiny crustacean high in carotene compounds that naturally enhances the red and orange coloring in aquatic species, both fish and shrimp. Paracoccus Powder contains approximately 2% natural astaxanthin. Add to homemade foods or use a binder to adhere to staple flake and pellet foods as well as to freeze dried treats… Continue reading Astaxanthin Powder

Acriflavine Neutral

Acriflavine Neutral treats a wide variety of diseases found in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It does not affect pH, unlike other forms of acriflavine.  It has a long history of use in both freshwater and saltwater environments, including treatment for Velvet (Oodinium), Columnaris (Flexibacter columnaris), Mouth Fungus, Fin & Tail Rot, Spiroglenia, Sliminess of the… Continue reading Acriflavine Neutral