Astaxanthin Powder

Astaxanthin Powder

Paracoccus species are a tiny crustacean high in carotene compounds that naturally enhances the red and orange coloring in aquatic species, both fish and shrimp. Paracoccus Powder contains approximately 2% natural astaxanthin.

Add to homemade foods or use a binder to adhere to staple flake and pellet foods as well as to freeze dried treats can improve coloring over time. Caution must be taken to not over use this product. It can only enhance the specimen’s genetic coloring. Some breeders may use such a product to ensure a bright red or orange coloring overall. Use caution when they indicate that a special food is required to maintain coloring as this is can indicate the fish have been loaded up on this or a similar coloring agent and will fade over time if not constantly fed a high level of carotene compounds.


Crude Protein 45% min
Crude Fat 8% min
Crude Ash 7% max
Moisture 4% max
Nitrogen-free extract 35%


Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerator or freezer can lengthen shelf life so long as kept free of moisture. Minimize exposure to oxidation as this will degrade the quality of this product.

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