Tetracycline was very popular antibiotic in the early days of the aquarium hobby. It was once thought of as a miracle cure as it worked on a wide variety of bacterial ailments and some fungal issues. However, due to using when disease wasn’t present, resistance easily built to the point it stopped being effective and… Continue reading Tetracycline

TMP Sulfa Powder

TMP Sulfa is a mix of Trimethoprim and Sulfathiazole Sodium.  This combination is great at reducing the buildup of resistance.  Treats a variety of bacterial infections, both gram positive and gram negative by blocking two steps in the biosynthesis of nucleic acids and proteins essential to bacteria. Treatment: 1/4 teaspoon (240 mg) per 10 gallons… Continue reading TMP Sulfa Powder


Ivermectin is another dewormer in the same class as Levamisole and Fenbendazole. A single dose can remain active in the fish body for 30-60 days. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid accidental overdosing fish. Effective against: nematodes, trematodes, gill flukes, flatworms, roundworms, liver flukes, skin flukes, schistosoma, hookworm, pinworm. Dosage: Dose 1 drop per… Continue reading Ivermectin

What is the Best Diet for Guppies, Endlers and Other Livebearers?

All livebearers are considered omnivore species, which need a variety of proteins and plant matter in their staple diet. In the wild they would eat insects, insect larvae, copepods, shrimp, algae, plant leaves, etc. They really are opportunistic eaters. In an aquarium I like to offer different foods to keep the overall diet varied. There… Continue reading What is the Best Diet for Guppies, Endlers and Other Livebearers?

Filtration Basics

Have you ever thought about what a filter does in an aquarium?  Everyone knows that a filter is required to maintain a healthy tank, but just how does it work? Have you considered the roll in maintaining healthy fish proper filtration plays? There are different forms of filtration everyone must consider; then decide what will… Continue reading Filtration Basics

Nitrofurazone Powder

Nitrofurazone is the active ingredient in Furan 2.  It is an antibiotic that may have anti-protozoan properties.  Can be used as a preventative as well as to treat disease. Effective against Columnaris, Flexibacter, Black Molly Disease (Flavobacterium columnaris), Bacterial Gill Disease, Aeromonas, Excess Body Slime, Cloudy Eye, Streptococcus, Furunculosis, Fin and Tail Rot, Marine external… Continue reading Nitrofurazone Powder

Praziquantel Powder

Praziquantel Powder is a highly effective medication when treating flukes and flatworms in both freshwater and saltwater environments.  Can safely be used on sharks.  Praziquantel is safer than most other anti-parasitic medications. 10 grams will treat 950 gallons. Non-toxic to live plants Does not affect nitrifying bacteria Safe to use with fish fry that are… Continue reading Praziquantel Powder