Ivermectin is another dewormer in the same class as Levamisole and Fenbendazole. A single dose can remain active in the fish body for 30-60 days. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid accidental overdosing fish. Effective against: nematodes, trematodes, gill flukes, flatworms, roundworms, liver flukes, skin flukes, schistosoma, hookworm, pinworm. Dosage: Dose 1 drop per… Continue reading Ivermectin

Fenbendazole Powder

Fenbendazole Powder is a highly effective worming agent for freshwater and saltwater tropical species.  Using pure veterinary grade powder will offer the most success.  Don’t be fooled by some who claim their products are without filler, yet when you weight the packets it is clear fillers are used. Due to issues with successful treatment of… Continue reading Fenbendazole Powder