Malachite Green

Malachite Green is a chemical dye with antimicrobial properties to help fight disease.  It has many uses from treating external parasites, such as ich, in both freshwater and saltwater environments as well as treating certain fungal diseases. Treats:  Egg fungus, ich and other common external parasites, oodinium (Velvet), Saprolegnia Treatment: Bath:  Add 1-2 mg per… Continue reading Malachite Green

Acriflavine Neutral

Acriflavine Neutral treats a wide variety of diseases found in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It does not affect pH, unlike other forms of acriflavine.  It has a long history of use in both freshwater and saltwater environments, including treatment for Velvet (Oodinium), Columnaris (Flexibacter columnaris), Mouth Fungus, Fin & Tail Rot, Spiroglenia, Sliminess of the… Continue reading Acriflavine Neutral