Levamisole Powder

Levamisole Powder is an often recommended medication for treating parasites, especially camallanus worm.  Unfortunately this medication must be dosed low enough to keep the fish safe as it is very hard on the liver and may not always kill the parasite.  More often than not it will only paralyze the parasite.  This is why it is critical to dose carefully and to do the recommended deep gravel vacs to clean up paralyzed parasites. 

One added benefit of treating with Levamisole is that it gives the immune system a boost and the fish may appear to be healthy and more active shortly after dosing.

Treats:  Stomach worms–Haemonchus spp; Ostertagia spp; Trichostrongylus spp; Roundworms– Nematodirus spp (which include threadworms);  Cooperia spp; Nodular worms–Oesophagostomum; Chabertia spp; Hookworms–Bunostomum spp; Necator spp; and Ancylostoma spp; and Lungworms– Dictyocaulus spp.

Does NOT treat ……….Cestodes (tapeworms) or Trematodes (flatworms or flukes)

Safe for invertebrates and plants

Treatment Plan:  Dose 90mg per10 gallons or 1/4 teaspoon per 100 gallons.  In 24 hours do a 75-100% water change (yes, a complete water change) with deep gravel vacs.  Repeat for a second treatment. 

Then repeat both in 3 weeks as this will take care of the larvae that hatched. 

May need a 3rd round as well to break the parasite reproductive cycle.  Keep lights off during treatment as this medication is light sensitive.

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