Oxolinic Acid

Oxolinic acid is a hard to find antibacterial medication.  It is known as a last chance treatment as it often provides results when other, more common treatments have failed. 

Effective Against:  Known to be highly effective against resistant aerosomas and bacterial hemorraghic septecemia which both tend to be deadly if not treated early.  Also, effective against tail & fin rot and some columnaris strains.

Treatment:  Can be dosed in the water for external diseases or used with food.

Water Treatment:  Dose 1/4 teaspoon per 30 gallons water.  Closely monitor fish while in treatment for signs of undue stress.  72 hours after dosing a complete water change is required as the medication will quickly decompose and water can become toxic if exposed longer.  A complete water change cannot be overlooked.  For this reason it is recommended to treat in a QT and not in a display tank.

Food Treatment:  Mix 2 teaspoons Oxolinic Acid per pound of food.  Feed for 14-21 days

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