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Praziquantel Powder

Praziquantel Powder is a highly effective medication when treating flukes and flatworms in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Can safely be used on sharks. Praziquantel is safer than most other anti-parasitic medications.

10 grams will treat 950 gallons.

Non-toxic to live plants

Does not affect nitrifying bacteria

Safe to use with fish fry that are at least 2 weeks old

Effective Against: Gill flukes, liver flukes, skin flukes, schistosoma (parasites of the blood), flatworm, tapeworm, turbellarian worms. Does not treat pinworm or roundworm.

Treatment: Dosed at 1/4 teaspoon per 40 gallons of water after a 25% water change. Leave in aquarium for 5 days, maximum 7 days. Recommended to do a second treatment to ensure all parasites have been killed. Do not treat for more than 20 days straight

Not easily water soluble and must be mixed with a form of alcohol, such as ethyl alcohol or vodka. May be repeated if necessary. Measure the amount of powder needed to dose, then mix in a few drops of alcohol to dampen the powder. Do not add a lot of alcohol as this can have a negative affect on fish and the beneficial bacteria.