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Anti-Parasite Quad

Anti-Parasite Quad contains a blend of praziquantel, levamisole, epsom salt and garlic to treat a wide range of parasites, including flukes and camalanus worm.  It was developed with input from the Flowerhorn community on Facebook as they were looking for a medicated food with both praziquantel and levamisole to cover a wide array of parasites.

Praziquantel is an effective deworming medication that targets a wide variety of internal parasites, such as liver flukes, schistosoma (parasites of the blood), flatworm, tapeworm and turbellarian worms.

Levamisole is an old school medication that treats a narrow range of parasites, but has the added benefit of boosting the immune system to help the fish fight off the disease. Fish will often appear more active after ingesting enough medication due to this boost. Levamisole treats a range of worms, but is not effective against flukes, flatworm or tapeworm, making it the perfect companion with praziquantel.

We have also added Epsom Salt to help clear the gut more effectively and garlic to improve the taste as well as to provide antibiotic properties to help combat secondary infections.


Dosing via water column:  Dose 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons after a 25% water change on Day 1.  Repeat on Day 3 and 5.  May be continued for a total of 5 doses max.  Then, do a 75-100% water change.  May be repeated in 3 weeks if dealing with resistant parasites. Plan on doing deep gravel vacs just before each dose to lift out any excreted parasites and their eggs.

Dosing via food:  Mix 2 teaspoons per pound of fish food.  Offer as the only food source for 10-14 days.  Will need to plan on doing deep gravel vacs every 2-3 days in order to lift out any parasites as well as their eggs prior to hatching.  If gravel vacs are not thorough it is possible the parasites will attack again in a few weeks.  Repeat in 3 week cycles until the parasite life cycle is broken.  As more and more parasites are becoming resistant to treatments, can be stopped after 5-7 days if no improvement is noted.