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Ivermectin is another dewormer in the same class as Levamisole and Fenbendazole. A single dose can remain active in the fish body for 30-60 days. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid accidental overdosing fish.

Effective against: nematodes, trematodes, gill flukes, flatworms, roundworms, liver flukes, skin flukes, schistosoma, hookworm, pinworm.

Dosage: Dose 1 drop per gallon or 2.5ml / 50 gallons. May be repeated in 30-day cycles if needed, but a single dose is typically all that is necessary. Closely monitor fish after dosing to ensure they are tolerating it. If any signs of distress or unexpected changes immediately do a large water change and add fresh activated carbon to help remove what remains; or move fish to an untreated tank.

A difference of 10 gallons is enough to potentially lead to overdose.
DO NOT leave fish after dosing until you know how they are reacting.

Fish need to be exposed to medication 24-72 hours minimum to be effective. So, if doing daily water changes wait at least 24 hours after dosing. No need to redose.

If dosing a fish pond medication can remain active for a few months. Sunlight will slowly degrade it, but it can help minimize parasites fish are exposed to for a long period of time.

May be used as a preventative as well. In an outdoor fish pond, dose twice a year. In a home aquarium with daily or weekly water changes, dose every 3-6 months.

There is some research regarding usage with protozoa. Time will tell if this new product may be used to treat things like resistant ich, for example.

I’ve seen contradictory information regarding cestode treatment. So can’t say with certainty if Fish Ivermectin can be used to treat things like tapeworms.

Ivermectin is slightly photo-sensitive. However, the degradation from light is slow enough to not be of concern in the home aquarium. Because of this sensitivity it is recommended to store in a dark, cool place at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

NOTE: As ivermectin for aquarium species must be dosed in micrograms, not milligrams, many who dosed the powder gave a dose 1000 times stronger than intended, and this resulted in issues, including death of fish being treated. By using a product mixed and premeasured, you can greatly reduce dosing issues.

NOTE: Do not use with invertebrates