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About Us

This blog is a place to store information gained over the years of being in the aquarium hobby and trade.

There are many factors that can affect overall fish health, and many of these factors are often overlooked or ignored until disease strikes.

  • Tank maintenance. Many think you can purchase fish, drop them into a tank and do nothing more than feed and top off as water evaporates. We need to consider the fact we are housing live animals in a glass box aka closed ecosystem. Unless the ecosystem is maintained and kept at healthy levels, disease will eventually strike
  • Maintaining stable water parameters are critical. A sudden and drastic drop in pH or a buildup in waste can pollute the tank and lead to fish loss. Knowing your water parameters and maintaining a stable environment your fish can thrive.
  • Offering a variety of foods. As with any living organism a variety of healthy food options goes a long way to achieving optimum health. Feeding just one food will not provide all the nutrients needed to maintain health.
  • Reducing stress by not housing aggressive species with docile fish, by not overcrowding, the fish will have the best chance at a long and thriving life.
  • Disease has struck. Do you really need to medicate? If so, we must be smart and follow manufacturer recommendations and dosing for the minimum amount of time to avoid creating resistance. By inappropriately dosing, not providing a full dose, or by not dosing on an appropriate schedule all can lead to unsuccessful treatments and minimize the risk of resistance.

Hopefully by sharing this information we can take steps to reduce or eliminate the misuse of medications and improve overall health of ornamental aquarium species through foods rich in vitamins and minerals to help support the immune system and only using fish medications when appropriate.